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We’re here for the dough.
— Nicole & Edith Leiva, Co-Founders sisters of Dulceology


On a summer day as we were browsing through books to read we came across an old notebook filled with handwritten recipes from our mother and grandmother. As we continued to browse through its pages we came across a page that stood out from the rest with the title: "Alfajores". Then just barely 18 and 19, me and my sister put ourselves up to the baking challenge, gathered ingredients and began to bake the cookie that changed our life.

That day I fell in love with the caramel cookie sandwich. I just couldn't wait for everyone in the house to try what we had made. Soon after we started to giving them as gifts to our friends, teachers and our parent's coworkers. To us, it was a personal way of showing teachers and friends how much we appreciated them. We would come home after classes and would bake on every free moment we could. We then opened our Etsy shop and began our journey continuing to specialize in Argentinian Alfajores and brighten people’s way of gift giving, one cookie at a time.

Thank you for visiting our online shop and for your continued support!

If there is anything we can bake for you we’re only an email or call away,

Nicole & Edith Leiva